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Uler (Roane Co.) Summer Normal School - 1918

Uler (Roane Co.) Summer Normal School - 1918Popular
Posted by: LindaCottrellLiss   (See more photos from LindaCottrellLiss)   2014/11/11 6:44
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1918 - On back of photo: "a group of students of Uler Summer Normal School.  W.A. extreme left, on my left Maude Smith."
W.A. is Waitman Atlee Hoff, Teacher
Donated by Bill Hoff and submitted by Eric King, R.C.H.S. member.

Gravel Hill School, Geary District, Roane County, WV

Gravel Hill School, Geary District, Roane County, WV Popular
Posted by: CarolCronin   (See more photos from CarolCronin)   2014/3/10 23:44
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Unknown School

Unknown SchoolPopular
Posted by: jweaver   (See more photos from jweaver)   2013/8/30 16:48
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This is a photograph that my grandmother, Hazel (Sergent) Fouss, had. In it are her 3 older siblings: Icy Sergent (standing in the 2nd row 2nd from the left), Opal Sergent (seated in the front row 3rd from the left) and Eskey Sergent (seated in the middle of the front row). Opal was born in Jan of 1910 so I'm guessing this is about 1913. If anyone recognizes any of the other children or can tell me WHICH SCHOOL this was taken at, I would be greatly appreciative. Thank you.

Walton WV about 1919

Walton WV about 1919Popular
Posted by: jweaver   (See more photos from jweaver)   2013/8/27 19:51
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This is a photo that my grandmother had. She is the small girl standing in the 2nd row about at the center of the group. Her name was Hazel Sergent and she was born in Walton in November 1914, so I'm guessing this photo is about 1919.  Her brother Eskey is sitting in the front row 5th from the right and her sister Opal is also sitting in the front row 3rd from the right.
If anyone recognizes the other children or adults or could tell me WHICH SCHOOL this may have been taken at, I would greatly appreciate it.

Barnes Run School

Barnes Run SchoolPopular
Posted by: Corene Hile   (See more photos from Corene Hile)   2013/7/15 16:08
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Barnes Run School
Bertha Connolly, teacher
June 07 (I think is what is says)
Bertha was daughter of Daniel (Sweet Potato Dan) and Hannah Wells Connolly.
The only children I know are the ones in the back row that are circled are Heber, John, Noami, and Beatrice children of Robert and Matilda Lee Connolly.  I received this photo from Dewain & Joy Connolly

Elana School ca1915

Elana School ca1915Popular
Posted by: CarolCronin   (See more photos from CarolCronin)   2007/10/18 18:54
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L-R  ROW 1 - (1) Effie Jarvis Knotts (2) Mary Jarvis (3) Reva Drake Haley (4) Gladys Jarvis Hicks (5) Gracie White Ross (6) Gladys Lloyd Jarvis (7) Hoy Keaton (8) Hobert Harold (9) Donald Tavney (10) Dallas Jarvis (11) James Jarvis (12) Dillon Lloyd
ROW 2 - (13) Amma White Hathaway (14) Betty Tawney (15) Ina Tawney Swain (16) Audra Tawney Wilson (17) Locie Tawney White (18) Nannie Lloyd Cottrell (19) Eliza Smith Boggs (20) Clara Tawney Smith (21) Everett Lloyd (22) Lawrence Jarvis (23) Delmar Tawney (24) Harry Drake (25) Ord Smith (26) Chat Keaton.  
ROW 3 - (27) Audra Harold Lloyd (28) Doris Ross Saith (29) Lula Smith Cook (30) Geraldine Smith McGlothlin (31) Kelly Harold, Teacher (32) Cecil Tawney (33) Carl Tawney (34) Omar Tawney (35) Leo Boggs (36) Alva Lloyd  ROW 4 - (37) Hester Tawney Sams (38) Willa Smith Reynolds (39) Anna Smith Foreman (40) Rosa Smith Sheppard (41)
Howard Harold (42) Claude Ross (43) Virgil Lloyd (44) John Tawney Ross (45) Howard McClain (46) Curt White (47) Harley Smith (48)

Submitted by Carol Cronin

Amma School 1903

Amma School 1903Popular
Posted by: rjnida   (See more photos from rjnida)   2007/8/27 3:19
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This picture of a group from Amma school was taken in 1903 and appeared in The Times Record, courtesy of Elsie Looney.
1st Row - L to R - Molta Carper, Elton Engle, Leslie Ashley, Bessie Nester, Ina Ashley, Maudie Drennen, Pearl Drennen, Clarence Cook, Clarence Drennen, Kenna Nida, and Herbie Nester.
2nd Row - Elsie Geary Carper, Harry Geary, Howard Ashley, Florida Ashley, (unknown who stayed with Wash Pettit), Keith Geary, Clara Carper, Creed Drennen, Harry Ashley, Anna Nida, and Minnie Abbott.
3rd Row - Florence Engle, Lucy Ashley, Aunt Wren Engle, Myrtle Boggs, (teacher), Maude Engle, Mahalia Engle, and Amma Engle.
4th Row - Pat Engle, George Ashley, Joe Pettit, Waitman Ashley, Ben Ashley, Charlie Pettit, and Clyde Geary.
(I believe that one person was omitted from the third row identification in this old photo.)

Submitted by Jack Nida

The Amma School

The Amma SchoolPopular
Posted by: rjnida   (See more photos from rjnida)   2007/8/27 3:19
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The Amma School, a two room school with kitchen, is now the Amma Senior Citizens building. I attended this school from 1937 to 1943. Changes noted recently were air conditioners, a ramp for the handicapped, and a well house has been built which now has an electric pump. My teachers were Maxine (Carper) Byrd, Lena Cobb, Madge (Looney) Crane, Orva (Engle) Malm, and Dewey Ashley. The bathrooms were about thirty yards to the east of this building, one for the boys and one for the girls.  There are plans to tear down this building and construct a new one for the Senior Citizens Activities when adequate funds are available. Most all of the one room and two room schools in Roane County have now been torn down. My mother, Ruby (Looney) Nida, taught at many of them including Amma, Newton, Pine Grove, Sunny Hill, Big Pigeon, Beech Hill, Roadside and probably others that I have forgotten.

Submitted by Jack Nida 2000

Newton Grade School 1924

Newton Grade School 1924Popular
Posted by: rjnida   (See more photos from rjnida)   2007/8/27 3:13
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Newton Grade School 1924-25
Row 1 - LtoR - Ralph Polk, Kenneth Kirkhart, Dennie Vineyard, Floyd Keaton and Charles Dolan.

Row 2 - Audrey Jarvis, Dixie Jarvis, Mildred Keene, Ruby Wilmouth, Ester Polk, Harry Keaton, Brian Rogers, Benny Rogers, Bill Jarvis, Edith Harold and Unknown Polk.

Row 3 - Lewis Jarvis, Roscoe Drake, Waldo Shamblin, Clarence Shamblin, Cecil Keaton, Pauline Jarvis, Golda McClain,
Thelma Greathouse, Marie Hensley, Frankie Vineyard, Elma Drake and Dormal Kirkhart.

Row 4 - George C. Drake (teacher & principal), Evelyn Drake, Virginia Ellis, Imogene Ellis, Ruby Kirkhart, Lucy Jarvis, Samuel Vineyard, Willard Drake, James Drake, Bill Taft Rogers, Darwin Looney, Lee Ellis (primary room teacher).

Row 5 - Carl Keen, Arch Keen, Gerald Looney, Dixie Haynes, Ethel Drake, Rex Drake and Clyde Jarvis.

Row 6 - Guy Herby Hensley, Kenneth Dolan and Mackie Wilmoth.

Submitted by Jack Nida

Beech Hill School 1946

Beech Hill School 1946Popular
Posted by: Webmaster   (See more photos from Webmaster)   2007/8/26 19:40
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L to R - 1st Row - Barbara Roberts

2nd Row - Ruby Payne, Wilma Carper, Faye Payne

3rd Row - Kenneth Payne, Bob Cook, Bobby Roberts

4th Row - Roscoe Carper

Submitted by Ella (Carper) Myers

Photo No. 1-10 (out of 22 photos hit)

These photographs are posted here for your personal research and enjoyment. Each remains the property of the original submitter. Please contact that individual before considering any other use of their photos.

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