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Help : Posting
Posted by Webmaster on 2005/10/17 20:00:00 (3040 reads)

This help article covers Posting and Approvals.

As a registered user, you can post information for others to see on the website. For example, you can reply to a Query in our forums, or post a new one with the "New Topic" button. You might also want to make a comment about an article or a photo. Most places where you can post information use a form like this:

It might look confusing at first, but it isn't so bad. The most important parts are the Title and the Message areas. The message area has lots of buttons for adding text effects, links and pictures, but you really only have to type your message in the big box.

The message Icons allow you to set a mood for your message, something makes you happy or sad, or this is hot, or I've got a question. You don't have to pick one, but you can if you would like.

The Preview button will let you take a look at what your post will look like. The Post button will submit it for others to see.

In some places, the post editor may be a little bit different, but the basics are the same. Some sections, like Surnames and Links, have more specialized forms.

Sometimes, you may post something, and it won't show up right away. This is probably because we haven't 'verified' your account. Unfortunately, there are people who join communities like ours for the sole purpose of posting advertisements, usually for questionable products or services. To try and cut down on that sort of thing, we will review posts from unverified users before showing them to the world. If we havn't verified you yet, it isn't anything personal. When we see your post, we will set the flag, so that next time, your post will sail right through. If you have trouble like this, just drop us a note and we'll try and make sure everything goes smoothly.

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