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Help : Blank Screens and Banned Messages
Posted by Webmaster on 2004/10/17 20:50:00 (2007 reads)

What to do if you get blank screens or a strange "Banned" messages.

This website is monitored by a program intended to keep out spambots, email harvesters, and people who are trying to peddle V1*grA and H0t 5t0ck5, instead of sharing information on history and genealogy. The bad part of this is that real honest people and ugly spamming machines sometimes do similar things and our protection backfires.

Here are a few things that might trigger the protection inadvertently.

  • Too many links in a single post
  • Aggressive "Pre-Fetch" or "Web-Accelerator" programs
  • Trying to include Javascript or other "Active" content
  • Rapidly repeated page reloads

If you encounter problems with these features, please let us know. They are supposed to be enhancing your experience, not detracting from it. We will have a log entry that says the a protection mechanism kicked in, but you will know what you were doing when it happened, which will help a lot.

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