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Publications : Cemeteries of Roane County West Virginia, Volume II
Posted by Webmaster on 2005/9/4 20:50:00 (10650 reads)

The 2nd volume of the series, featuring updated readings of Roane County Cemeteries, published 2001. All volumes have approximately 200 pages plus index. In addition to marker readings, each cemetery has notes on location, and any additional or differing information available from the older WPA readings is noted.

Cemeteries of Roane Co. WV Vol. 2Price: 15.00Shipping: 2.00WV Sales Tax: .90

This sample image was taken from a Cemeteries of Roane County, West Virginia volume:

Volume II features these cemeteries:
Bartlett Cemetery (aka Little Creek Baptist Cemetery)SpencerAt Little Creek Church
Blessed Hope CemeterySpencerEgypt Ridge
Blosser Cemetery (aka Arnold Starcher Cemetery)SpencerEgypt Ridge Road
Boothe Cemetery (aka Tariff Cemetery)Smithfield1/2 mi. W. of Tariff
Bowers Cemetery (aka Slate Cemetery) (aka Rogers Cemetery)SpencerTriplett Road
Donohoe Cemetery (aka Frail Cemetery)WaltonLong Ridge
Frail Cemetery (aka Donohoe Cemetery)WaltonLong Ridge Road
Greathouse CemeteryWaltonJohnson Creek
Groves Cemetery (aka John A. (Lex) Groves Cemetery)GearyGroves Ridge Road
Harper CemeteryHarperJones Ridge
Harper CemeteryWaltonCicerone Road
Harper CemeteryWaltonPad
Harris CemeterySmithfield6 mi. S.E. of Spencer
Helper CemeteryWaltonMouth of Pad
Hensley Cemetery (aka Walton/Dillard Cemetery) (aka Walton Cemetery)WaltonWalton-beside firehouse
Hershberger Cemetery (aka Patton Cemetery)SmithfieldRidge Road
Adam Hodam Cemetery (aka Hodam Cemetery)ReedyBarrcutt Road
Hubbard CemeteryWalton2 1/2 mi. S. of Walton
Jackson CemeteryWaltonWalton Ridge Road
Jarvis CemeteryHarperAmbler Ridge
Jones CemeteryHarperHigby Run
Lewis Jones CemeteryWaltonPaxton Ridge
Keffer/Daughtery CemeteryWaltonRocky Branch Road
Kelly CemeteryWaltonKelly Road/ Vineyard Ridge
Dave Larch Cemetery (aka David Larch Cemetery)HarperNear Ciceron
Jim Larch Cemetery (aka James Larch Cemetery)HarperPoca River Road
John Larch CemeteryWaltonMt. Hope Road
Lee CemeteryWaltonBig Creek Road
Liberty M. E. Church Cemetery (aka Liberty Cemetery)Smithfield3 mi. S. of Clover
Little Creek Baptist Church Cemetery (aka Little Creek Cemetery) (aka Bartlett Cemetery)SpencerAt Little Creek Church
Looney Cemetery (aka Robert Looney Cemetery)SmithfieldLaurel & Flat Fork Road
Looney CemeteryWaltonJohnson Creek Road
Looney Cemetery (aka Peter Looney Cemetery)SmithfieldLooney Fk./Canoe Run Road
Daniel Looney Cemetery (aka Port LOoney Cemetery)SmithfieldSycamore Road
Port Looney Cemetery (aka Dainel Looney Cemetery)SmithfieldSycamore Road
Lowe CemeteryWaltonPoca River Road
Mace CemeterySpencerTriplett Road
Marks CemeteryWaltonNear Walton on Poca Road
Miller Cemetery #2CurtisS.W. of Spencer/US 33
Mt. Herman CemeteryHarper2 mi. N. of Zona
Mt. Lebanon CemeteryHarper3/4 mi. N.E. of Zona
Mt. Olive CemeteryCurtisAt Mt. Olive Church
Neal CemeteryWaltonRobertson Run Road
Big JimWaltonAmbler Ridge
Patton Cemetery (aka Hershberger Cemetery)SmithfieldRidge Road
Paxton Cemetery (aka Samuel Paxton Cemetery)WaltonLong Ridge Road
Lyle Paxton CemeteryWaltonGreen Creek Road
George Washington Phillips CemeteryWaltonBig Creek Road
Reed CemeteryGearyBig Sandy Road
Rhodes CemeteryHarperJones Ridge at Harmony
Riley CemeteryHarperJingo Road
Ritchea CemeteryWaltonWalker Ridge Road
Roach Cemetery (aka Stoney Point Cemetery)ReedyReedy Middle Fork
Robertson CemeteryWaltonRobertson Ridge
Rogers Cemetery (aka Bowers Cemetery) (aka Slate Cemetery)SpencerTriplett Road
Scruggs CemeteryWaltonRock Creek
Sergent CemeteryWaltonJohnson Creek Road
Shafer Cemetery #3 (aka Shaver Cemetery)WaltonRobinson Run Road
Shaver Cemetery (aka Shafer Cemetery #3)WaltonRobinson Run Road
Short CemeterySpencerBoggs Fork Road
Short Cemetery (aka Robert Short Cemetery)SpencerEgypt Ridge Road
Simmons Cemetery (aka James Simmons Cemetery)SmithfieldHayes-Canoe Road
Slate Cemetery (aka Bowers Cemetery) (aka Rogers Cemetery)SpencerTriplett Road
Snodgrass CemeteryWaltonS.E. of Gandeeville
Springston CemeterySpencerTriplett Road
Arnold Starcher Cemetery (aka Blosser Cemetery)SpencerEgypt Ridge Road
Starkey CemeterySpencerS.E. of Spencer /Rt. 36
Stoney Point Cemetery (aka Roach Cemetery)ReedyMiddle Fork Road
Streets CemeteryReedy2 mi. W. of Reedy
Summerfield CemeterySmithfieldCounty Road 52/3
Tariff Cemetery (aka Boothe Cemetery)Smithfield1/2 mi. W. of Tariff
Thompson CemeteryWaltonLong Ridge Road
Vandal Cemetery (aka Wright Cemetery) (aka Wright Cemetery #2)SpencerCharles Fork Road
Vineyard Cemetery (aka O.J. Vineyard Cemetery)WaltonRobinson Run Road
Brad Vineyard Cemetery (aka Bradford Vineyard Cemetery #1)Smithfield2 mi. S. E. of Looneyville
Fred Vineyard Cemetery (aka Vineyard Cemetery)SmithfieldFlat Fork Road
O.J. Vineyard Cemetery (aka Vineyard Cemetery)WaltonRobinson Run Road
Peter C. Vineyard CemeterySmithfieldN. of Looneyville
Walker Cemetery (aka Walker Cemetery #2)WaltonWalker Ridge Road
Walker Cemetery #2 (aka Walker Cemetery)WaltonWalker Ridge Road
Walton Cemetery (aka Walton/Dillard Cemetery) (aka Hensley Cemetery)WaltonWalton
Watts/Rader Cemetery (aka Watts Cemetery)Reedy1 mi. N. of Reedy
Whited Cemetery (aka Whited Cemetery #2)WaltonWalton Ridge Road
Wright Cemetery (aka Vandal Cemetery) (aka Wright Cemetery #2)SpencerRt. 36 on Charles Fork
Wright Cemetery #2 (aka Vandal Cemetery) (aka Wright Cemetery)SpencerRt. 36 on Charles Fork

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