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Publications : Cemeteries of Roane County West Virginia, Volume V
Posted by Webmaster on 2005/8/29 4:40:00 (10351 reads)

The 5th volume of the series, featuring updated readings of Roane County Cemeteries, published 2001. All volumes have approximately 200 pages plus index. In addition to marker readings, each cemetery has notes on location, and any additional or differing information available from the older WPA readings is noted.

Cemeteries of Roane Co. WV Vol. 5Price: 15.00Shipping: 2.00WV Sales Tax: .90

This sample image was taken from a Cemeteries of Roane County, West Virginia volume:

Volume V features these cemeteries:
Adkins CemeteryGearyBig Pigeon Road
Allen CemeteryCurtisAllen Town Road
Alpheus Negro CemeterySpencerMulberry Ridge Road
Bailey CemeteryCurtisRoane/Jackson Co. Line
Barnhouse CemeteryWaltonCottontree Road
Bethel Church Cemetery (aka Droddy Cemetery)WaltonAt Bethel Church
Board Cemetery (aka Seaman Cemetery)Reedy2 1/2 mi. N. of Kyger
Callow CemeteryReedy1 1/4 mi. N. of Billings
Carpenter Cemetery (aka Patten Cemetery #2)GearyLittle Left Hand Road
Carpenter Cemetery #2CurtisS.W. of Spencer
Carper Cemetery (aka Carper Cemetery #3)GearyAmma-Left Hand Road
Carper Cemetery #2 (aka Sheldon V. B. Carper Cemetery)GearyLittle Left Hand Road
Carper Cemetery #3GearyAmma-Left Hand Road
A.W. Carper CemeteryGearyShafer Creek Road
Chapman CemeterySmithfieldFlat Run Road
Conley CemeteryHarperLick Fork Road
Cook CemeteryGearyLeft Hand Road
John Cook CemeteryGearyLeft Hand Road
Corder / Mace CemeterySpencerRoane/Calhoun Line
Crowley CemeteryGearyAmma Road near Left Hand
Cummings CemeteryWaltonLong Ridge Road
Daniel Cemetery (may be Davis Cemetery)SpencerS.E. of Spencer/ U.S. 36
Drake Cemetery #1GearyTwo Run Road
Weck Drake CemeteryGearyTwo Run Road
Drennen Cemetery (aka White Cemetery)GearyLittle Left Hand Road
Droddy Cemetery (aka Bethel Church Cemetery)WaltonAt Bethel Church
J.A. Dye CemeteryGearyLooney Fork Road
Elana Baptist Cemetery (aka Zion Hill Cemetery)GearyNear Elana
Ellis CemeterySmithfieldFlat Fork Road
Epling CemeterySmithfield3/4 mi. N.E. of Clover
Epling Chapel Church CemeterySmithfieldPoca Road
Fairview Cemetery (aka Fairview Memorial Garden Cemetery)WaltonCampbell Ridge Road
Shade Ferrell CemeterySmithfieldLinden/Tariff Road
Louverna Fields CemeteryWaltonCampbell Ridge Road
Fisher CemeterySmithfieldRush Creek Road
Gandee Cemetery #1HarperLick Fork Road near Zona
Godbey CemeteryGearyArmstead Hollow Road
Goodwin CemeteryGearyLooney Fork Road
Griffin CemeteryGearyLeft Hand, Rt. 36
Hall Cemetery #3GearyBig Pigeon Rd
Harper Cemetery #3 (aka George Harper Cemetery)WaltonU.S. 119/Cotton Tree Road
Estel B. Harper CemeteryWaltonCotton Tree Road
George Harper Cemetery (aka Harper Cemetery #3)WaltonU.S. 119/Cotton Tree Rd
Asa Helmic Cemetery (aka Helmic Cemetery)GearyNewton
O.G. Helper CemeteryGearyNear Left Hand on Rt. 36
Hess CemeteryGearyBig Sandy Creek
Hill CemeteryGearyBig Pigeon Road
Z.L. Hively CemeteryWaltonCampbell Ridge
Hoff CemeteryGearyNear Left Hand
Holbert Cemetery #1WaltonCotton Tree Road
Holbert Cemetery #2WaltonCotton Tree Road
Jimmy Hunt CemeteryWaltonLong Ridge
Jarvis CemeteryGearyTariff / Linden Road
Benton Jarvis CemeterySmithfieldFerrell Run Road
Jett Cemetery #3GearyNear Pigeon
Keffer CemeterySmithfieldRush Creek Road
King CemeterySmithfieldCanoe Road
Knight CemeteryGearyLeft Hand Road
Ledsome Cemetery #1GearyNear Left Hand on Rt. 36
Ledsome Cemetery #2GearyLeft Hand Road
Presley Looney CemeterySmithfieldHenry's Fork Road
Louther Chapel CemeteryCurtisFrozen Camp Road
Mace Cemetery #2SpencerTriplett Road
Mahan CemeteryWaltonLong Ridge Road
Malcolm Marks Family CemeteryWaltonTop of Left Hand Hill
Maxson CemeterySpencerOff Rt. 14 on Colt Ridge
McCann CemeteryGearyBig Pigeon Road
McCann CemeteryGearyBig Pigeon Road
Miller Cemetery (aka Wellington Cemetery)SpencerSpring Creek Road
Miller Cemetery #3CurtisS.W. of Spencer/US 33
Moore Cemetery #2 (aka Moore/Chapman Cemetery)GearyLittle Pigeon Road
John Naylor Cemetery #1GearyLittle Blue Ck. Ridge Road
Nichols CemeteryGearyAshley Camp Road
Parsons CemeteryGearyLittle Blue Creek Road
Patton Cemetery #2 (aka Carpenter Cemetery)GearyLeft Hand Road
Paxton CemeteryGearyLewis Station Road
Payne CemeteryGearyR. Fork/ Hurricane Road
Pleasant Grove CemeteryReedyDutch Run Road
Pleasant Hill CemeteryGearySandy Creek Road
Pleasant Valley CemeteryHarperLick Fork near Zona
Riddle CemeteryCurtisOff Peniel Road
Roberts CemeterySpencerColt Ridge Road
Rollins CemeteryCurtisAllentown Road
Romine CemeteryCurtis5 mi. S.W. of Spencer
Salyers CemeteryGearyBlown Timber Road
Sarver CemeterySmithfieldRush Creek Road
Seaman Cemetery (aka Board Cemetery)ReedySeaman's Fork Road
Sergent CemeterySmithfieldFerrell Run Road
Sergent Cemetery #2GearyNear Left Hand on Rt. 36
Shady Dale CemeteryHarperHarmony Camp Road
Sims CemeteryReedyCain's Run Road
Sinnett Cemetery #3WaltonS. of Walton / U.S. 119
Smith CemeterySmithfieldS.W. of Clover on Rt. 36
Smith Family CemeterySmithfieldBeside Clover Cemetery
J. Herbert Smith CemeterySmithfieldVineyard Road
Snodgrass CemeterySmithfieldTariff-Linden Road
Spencer CemeterySmithfield3 mi. S.E. of Tariff
Tawney CemeteryGearyNear Newton on Rt. 36
Clement Tawney CemeteryGearyAshley Camp Road
Taylor CemeteryGearyLittle Blue Creek Road
Taylor CemeteryGearyAshley Camp Road
Samuel Vineyard CemeteryGearyMain Hollywood Road
Wellington Cemetery (aka Miller Cemetery)SpencerCounty Road 9
White Cemetery (aka Drennen Cemetery)GearyLittle Left Hand Road
White Cemetery #2 (aka Timothy White Cemetery)GearyParker Fork Road
Wilson CemeterySpencerLick Fork
Zion Hill Cemetery (aka Elana Baptist Cemetery)GearyNear Elana

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