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  Spencer Hospital for Insane

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Poster Thread
Spencer Hospital for Insane
Just popping in
Joined: 2009/3/11
From Lashmeet, West Virginia
Posts: 1
John Burl Shrewsbury
Looking for any information on Spencer Hospital/Second Hospital for Insane.
My Great-Grandfather died there in July of 1902 and we can't find any information pertaining to him being admitted nor where he may be buried.
My understanding is that he is buried in the 'First Cemetery' and that it isn't with any markers or has been destroyed.
We live in Mercer County and have planned a trip up there in the Spring.

Please forgive me if I am not requesting this in the right way.

We do have a letter typed stating that John Burl Shrewsbury passed away and that he was buried in a clearly marked grave if the family was inclined to claim him.

I thank you very much for your time and hope you can help me. If there are books that can be looked through, the names of these books I would appreciate, and I can look through them and you won't have to take the time.

Tina M. Harrell

"We are here to take care of one another"

Posted on: 2009/3/11 19:01
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  •  Patton1980
Re: Spencer Hospital for Insane
Not too shy to talk
Joined: 2008/9/8
From Jacksonville, North Carolina
Posts: 6
This information was posted on the Roane county genweb project in an article about Spencer State Hospital in the past years. I don't know if it will help, but it might be a start.

Spencer State Hospital Files:
Files were microfilmed and are now stored at Lakin State Hospital and the contact person can be reached at 304-675-0860. Requests should be sent to her attention at Lakin State Hospital, 1 Bateman Circle, Lakin, West Virginia.....25287. Those seeking information need to know that there is a $15.00 research fee and then possibly a per copy charge. They need to send as much information as possible such a the name of the patient, birth and death dates, home address at admission, approximate date of admission etc.......I was informed that some files can be extensive where others may be only a few pages. I was also given the case number by calling the West Virginia State Archives and they connected me to another department that holds the admission books. By knowing the approximate dates she was able to give me the case number and basic information. However the actual patient records are kept confidential and are available only to family member that is the Executor of the persons estate or they must obtain a Court Order.
Melinda Patton Garbacz
Posted on: 2010/1/27 0:21
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