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Main : History : Historical Plaque Project The Campbell House

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The Campbell House
The Campbell HousePopular
Posted by: LindaCottrellLiss   (See more photos from LindaCottrellLiss)   2011/2/9 17:05
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The Campbell house was built in about 1859 and is most likely the oldest existing home in Spencer's city limits.  It is located at 833 Black Walnut Avenue, just as travelers enter Spencer by way of Route 119.  The two-story house has been restored and still has white siding similar to that found on the original structure.  It has six spacious rooms, three on each floor & each room has a fireplace. In its history the house once served the community as a hotel.  The house is also thought to have had the first indoor bathroom in Spencer.  There is a large, round copper cistern in the attic which was used to catch rainwater that was used for flushing.  The Henry Payne family were the original owners and was once part of a 2500-acre estate which had many owners over the years.  The Ralph Campbell family owned the property the longest, therefore was named the Campbell House.
While inconvenient to be part of the walking tour, it is noted as #18 on the tour brochure.

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