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Items of general interest to members and friends of the Roane County Historical Society
General Interest : Rick Greathouse nominated & named 2016 History Hero
 Posted by Linda Cottrell Liss on 2016/3/29 12:56:25 (1098 reads)

Richard I. “Rick” Greathouse joined the Roane County Historical Society in 2004 after learning that he was descended from two of Roane County's earliest settlers, Samuel Tanner and John Greathouse.

He is the current President of the Roane County Historical Society. He is also the current secretary of the Daniel Boone Chapter, WV Sons of the American Revolution in Charleston and serves in the color guard at the state/national level. He also serves as vice president for Mining Your History Foundation in Charleston, WV. Rick also serves in Revolutionary War enactments associated with Fort Randolph at Pt. Pleasant, WV.
He manages a family website named Greathouse Point and is working on a project to catalog the “first families” of Roane County through researching land deeds & early tax records.

Mr. Greathouse was nominated by the Roane County Historical Society as its 7th History Hero. The statewide recognition is sponsored by the West Virginia Division of Culture & History and honors West Virginians who have had dedicated service to their nominating organization’s programs and/or recent significant contributions to their state and local history. He and 49 other statewide honorees received a certificate of participation during the 20th Annual History Day celebration on Friday, January 29, 2016 at the Culture Center in Charleston, WV. Congratulations, Rick on receiving this prestigious honor.
We are proud of you…

General Interest : Notes from December 2015 Meeting
Posted by Linda Cottrell Liss on 2016/1/1 11:24:18 (889 reads)

The Roane County Historical Society met on Thursday, December 17, 2015 for their regular monthly meeting. Rick Greathouse, President, called the meeting to order at 7 p.m. and extended a welcome to those present. Linda Cottrell Liss led an opening prayer and the Pledge to the Flag was recited by all. Those present were: Carol Board-Westfall, Linda Cottrell Liss, Rick Greathouse, Melissa Swisher, Wanda Carpenter, Vicki J. Knight & husband Smith C. Knight, Jr., and Bonita Schreckengost.

The minutes of the November 19, 2015 meeting were and approved as read.
Treasurer’s Report: Carol Board-Westfall read report on receipts & disbursements since last meeting, showing balance of $13,500.18.

Reports: Correspondence:
[1] Linda Cottrell Liss reported on email from Philip Smith, Director of Planning & Development, City of Spencer, regarding the Ben’s Run Dam Trails historic kiosk project. He is seeking more information & photos of the reservoir, information of Ben Wright & details on when the impoundment was drained, etc. He goes on to state that, “My next project will be much bigger as I will be putting together some kiosks like this on a new trail around by the former Spencer State Hospital grounds, in the Civil War Park area. I would very much welcome the help of the Roane County Historical Society if you choose to help.” Discussed but no specific action taken.
[2] Email from Ms. Edelene C. Wood of Parkersburg, WV who is a distant grand-daughter of frontier scout, Jesse Hughes. She is interested in any of those in area who are also among descendants. Wants to form a Jesse Hughes descendants group. Her inquiry will be posted in the Winter 2015-16 “Journal” newsletter.

Membership Secretary: Linda reported that current membership is: 203. Eleven names have been removed from roll for failure to pay dues. All had been contacted at least twice.

Newsletter: Linda reported as co-newsletter editor, that her portion of the Winter 2015-16 newsletter is nearly complete. The 2015-16 Membership & Surname Directory is ready to go to printer.

Genealogy Fair: Melissa reported that the 22nd Annual Genealogy Fair is to be held on Saturday, September 24, 2016.

Old Business:
[1] After a short discussion, Carol made motion to accept the two boxes of Roane Co. obituaries [1987 & 1992] from the Malcolm County Michigan Genealogy Group. We will pay shipping costs. Motion carried unanimously.
[2] Bonita Schreckengost reported that she had talked with Roane County Schools officials regarding the RCHS opening the 6th Annual Essay Scholarship to home-schooled students. Linda will contact the County Board of Education regarding mailing the needed Applications & Guidelines to those prospective students.
[3] The new vinyl (white lettering on dk. Green) signs printed by Legacy Designs for the R.C.H.S. Genealogy Library have been installed. Cost: $127.20
[4] No further report on moving the large painting on the lower library level to accommodate the Nester photo grouping.
[5] Rick Greathouse reported that he is in the process of completing the application as the historical society’s nominee for 2016 History Hero. Submission deadline: December 31, 2015.

New Business:
[1] Rick initiated discussion on a new project for the Society to perhaps arrange and conduct interviews with aged Roane County citizens telling their stories, sharing their knowledge and history about their life experiences. These interviews could be recorded on CD’s much like the one done with county historian, the late Denver Gandee. To be discussed further at March 2016 meeting.
[2] In light of the several different donations in recent years of books, genealogies, memorabilia, etc. It is suggested that perhaps the R.C.H.S. needs some sort of Donor Disclaimer for items donated to the Society. Carol will investigate other genealogy society’s policy on donations.
[3] Linda reported on a 2015 Times Record article titled “Grant Available for Community Groups.” Premier Bank sponsored and offered a $1,000 grant to be awarded to a local community service organization. Linda will check with bank to see if the grant will be made available in 2016. Suggested project: Repair or replace Spencer State Hospital cemetery sign located beside Spencer Elementary School. The sign was purchased and installed in 1997 by the R.C.H.S. Carol will investigate to see from whom the sign was purchased and report back at March meeting.
[4] Display case located on lower level of Roane County Library. Could the historical society use the case to display some of its memorabilia donations? The display case was donated to the library by the Cottle family many years ago. Linda will check with Mary Fury, Head Librarian, to see if it is possible for the Society to use it & report back at the March meeting.
[5] Discussion was held regarding the historic McWhorter house located at 412 Church Street in Spencer. The 1856 era house was scheduled to be torn down but was purchased by Frank & Sherri Unger of Past Respects, LLC, a private, family-owned Historic Preservation Contracting business. Discuss further at March meeting.
[6] Carol reported that the Society has paid $10 per month [10 months] to the Roane County Library for use of the downstairs meeting room for a total of $100 annually. Due to the exemplary support of the Library of Society programs, motion was made by Carol and properly seconded to increase the annual payment from $10 to $20 per month for a total $200. Motion carried unanimously.
[7] Linda reported that there are many Roane County cemeteries that are not included in the five cemetery books published by the Society. Do we want to publish a #6 Cemetery Book? Something to think about for 2016.
[8] Rick suggested that a Genealogy Library work day be scheduled for January or February 2016.
[9] Program suggestions: Show & tell for March 2016 meeting. (Each member bring an item of personal historic value and tell about it). Rick will work on scheduling future programs.

Meeting adjourned with refreshments being served

General Interest : Notes from November 2015 Meeting
Posted by Linda Cottrell Liss on 2015/12/1 9:51:42 (956 reads)

The regular monthly meeting of the Roane County Historical Society was held on November 19, 2015 at 7 p.m. at the Roane County Library. The meeting was called to order by President Rick Greathouse, opening prayer was given by Carol Board-Westfall and the pledge of allegiance was recited by all.
The minutes of the October 22nd meeting were read by Recording Secretary, Susan Tucker and approved as read.
Carol Board-Westfall, Treasurer, gave a financial report of income and expenses of the past month. The present balance is $13,760.38.
Linda Cottrell-Liss, Corresponding Secretary, reported on correspondence from (1) Chris DiMattei, an architect from Massachusetts, who is seeking pictures and information regarding the Phillip C. Adams Family House (now the John H. Taylor Funeral Home). Mr. DiMattei indicates that he has much to share about the design of the house built in about 1897. (2) Email from Aaron Roberts who is doing research on the Robey Theater. Aaron is a student at Marshall University. (3) Email from Dianne Sinning of the Malcolm County, Michigan Genealogy Group who has two shoe boxes of obituaries from 1987 & 1992 to offer to the R.C.H.S. (4) Email from Judith Knight who is doing research on Wm. & Elizabeth Young Naylor family. Linda also reported that membership is now at 213.
Ralph Nester Picture Collection: Susan Tucker reported she has a picture grouping ready to be hung in the lower level of the Roane County Library but the large painting that holds that space has not been removed. Mary Fury, Librarian, is working to get the painting relocated.
6th Annual Essay Scholarship: Linda Cottrell-Liss, Essay Scholarship chairperson, has made the required guidelines and applications available to the Roane County High School counselor to be presented to the senior students in January. The $1,000 Scholarship is presented annually to a Senior student who writes the best essay on their Roane County family history. The scholarship is open to home-schooled, Christian school or seniors at the Roane County High.
2016 History Hero: The Roane County Historical Society wishes to nominate our society President, Richard I. “Rick” Greathouse, as a 2016 History Hero. The statewide recognition is sponsored by the West Virginia Division of Culture & History and honors West Virginians who have had dedicated service to their nominating organization’s programs or recent significant contributions to their state & local history. Those nominees receiving the award will be honored at February 2016 ceremonies and at History Day at the Legislature.
The meeting closed with refreshments being served. Those present were Susan Tucker, Carol Board-Westfall, Bernard and Patty Wyatt, Phyllis and Luther Jarvis, Johanna Nutter, Dean and Pat Combs, Bonita Schreckengost, Vicki Knight, Carl Paxton, Linda Cottrell Liss, Rick Greathouse, Stephen Hughes and guests Brenda Cottrell Dorsey, Wanda Carpenter, and Daniel Pridemore.
The next meeting of the Roane County Historical Society will be held on Thursday, December 17th at 7 p.m. at the Roane County Library. This is one week early due to the Christmas holiday. Members are urged to attend this last meeting for 2015 and guests are always welcome. The Society will not meet during the months of January & February 2016. Those interested in more information about Society activities please contact Linda Cottrell Liss at WVRoots@aol.com

General Interest : RCHS November Meeting
Posted by Linda Cottrell Liss on 2015/11/4 16:46:37 (659 reads)

The Roane County Historical Society, Inc. will hold its regular monthly meeting at the Roane County Library, Thursday, November 19th at 7:00 p.m. [one week early due to the Thanksgiving holiday]. Mark your calendar and plan to attend as we are winding up business for the 2015 year. The December meeting is one week earlier also due to the Christmas holiday. That will be our last meeting until March 2016. Note: We will be putting together a new Surname & Membership Directory for mailing in early January. If you have any address, email, contact info, etc changes please send to WVRoots@aol.com as soon as possible. Thanks, Linda

General Interest : RCHS - October 22nd Meeting
Posted by Linda Cottrell Liss on 2015/10/12 19:30:45 (630 reads)

REMINDER: The Roane County Historical Society will hold its regular monthly meeting on Thursday, October 22nd, 7 p.m. at the Roane County library. Make plans to attend...we just have this meeting and two others (Nov-Dec) left for this year. We do not meet during the months of Jan-Feb due to the uncertainty of Winter weather.

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