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Re: Roane County, WV History Book, 1989

Posted by richard on 2008/10/23 11:51:58
I've heard this question fairly frequently. Unfortunately the book has been out of print for some time. From time to time there will be copies listed on the used market.

I've asked lots of questions of those who have firsthand knowledge of this book and its history, and here is a synopsis of their answers. The book was published about three years before the present Roane County Historical Society was formed. The committee that spearheaded the project worked with the Roane County Library for the publication. The society did arrange a second printing with the original publisher in the past, but between the factors of required order quantities, cost per unit, and the slow sales that were experienced with the previous run, it isn't feasible to finance another run at this time.

Things do change, so no one ever says never, but for right now the used market is the only source.

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