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death in 1938

Posted by loriteacher on 2010/7/24 19:50:48
I know this is going way back but someone must remember something terrible that happened in Spencer in 1938 or possibly 1937: My dad, who is now 78, spent the first 5 years of his life in or around Spenser. His father was John Oblick
and his mother was Sarah Frances Drain Dodge Oblick. The story goes that my grandparents up and moved out of Spenser in the middle of the night in 1938, moved to California and changed their surname to Sitz, never to return to West Virginia ever again.
My grandmother was very close to her sister and they never spoke again. My late aunt Dorothy corresponded with Robert L. Wards'mother in the late 60s but never mentioned the mystery
of the name change and sudden disappearance of the entire Oblick family. If anyone has any information that could shed
some light on this strange story, we would be ever so grateful.
Lori Sitz Teacher

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