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Re: Mary Hamilton King

Posted by Linda Ciesielski on 2013/6/18 4:14:57
I feel that the Cherokee maiden, Sarah Hamilton, did fear for her child's safety. Many Cherokees did die on "The Trail of Tears" and this being one of the reasons she entrusted her baby to the grandparents. I have difficulty believing that the father, James Dell King, being murdered for fathering a baby girl. Cherokee women were equal to the men and considered the most important relatives to the men. James Dell was killed for reasons we will probably never know. William King, Mary Hamilton King (his wife) with their baby granddaughter fled to present day "Forks of Sandy" for the child's safety.

It has been recorded that William King married Sarah Sally Lester in 1819, but he came to "Forks of Sandy" with his wife Mary Hamilton King. Is Mary Hamilton King his second wife or is she Sarah Sallie Lester with a name change? It is not unusual for the husband to change his wife's name. For example: My grandmother's name was Buena Ogden, but my grandfather called her "Susie". My other grandmother was Lottie Hickel, but Grandpa called her "Maggie".

Sarah Sallie Lester and William King are said to be the parents of James Dell King. James Dell King and Sarah Hamilton are the parents of the baby girl, Nancy Jane King.

I find it interesting that Sarah (the Indian maiden) and Mary King have the "Hamilton" name in common. I have also read two different birth dates for Sarah Sallie Lester (1779 & 1799). Confusion exits since we are all named after someone. Same names generation after generation after generations (a honor that is confusing).

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