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Re: Mary Hamilton King

Posted by LindaCottrellLiss on 2013/6/12 7:12:39
Nancy Jane [King] Keen 1834-1919, wife of James Madison Keen, was my grandmother on my mother's side of the family.
One similar story was told by Philip Jasper Keen [1862-1946] son of the above James & Nancy Jane. Philip liked to travel, had a wanderlust which once took him back to his roots in Kentucky where his mother was born. Upon asking kin in the area, he was told that "Nancy Jane King was not the daughter of William and Mary [Hamilton] King, but was actually their granddaughter." Supposedly Nancy Jane's father was a son of William and Mary [Hamilton] King and a Cherokee Indian maiden. (One must remember that this was about the time-frame that the Federal Government was forcing all Cherokee and other Native Americans to move West). So, it is understandable that the Indian maiden may have feared for her child's life and left the baby in the grandparents care. For safety they fled to the hills of present-day "Forks of Sandy" where they made their home. I don't know how true this tale is, but makes for interesting reading.
Keen Family Reunion: Sat., July 27, 2013
For descendants of James Madison & Nancy Jane King Keen
10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Heritage Park Community Building
Spencer, WV Covered-dish lunch at abt. 12:30
Bring food to share, pictures & other family memorabilia.

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