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Mystery Church?

Posted by Erika on 2010/12/9 20:09:24
Hi everyone,

I am an historian from Pittsburgh, PA. Last week, I was in Roane County, surveying for historic buildings. I work for a company that has a contract with the WV Department of History and Culture. During the course of the survey, I came across a beautiful old church near the intersection of County Route 52/1 (Round Knob Road) and Sinnett Run. There is an old schoolhouse nearby as well, but I think it has been turned into a residence of some kind. It has really captured my personal interest, so if anyone can tell me anything about the church, I would be very appreciative (what it is called, why it might be abandoned, etc).

Thank you so much!

Re: Mystery Church?

Posted by LindaCottrellLiss on 2010/12/20 18:57:35
Carol Board-Westfall, who is knowledgable about Roane County churches, buildings, etc. relayed to me that she called Joe Pauley, and he said the church was called the Round Knob Church, and that it had been abandoned at least 25 years. The schoolhouse has been remodeled by Joe West, who uses it as a weekend retreat when he visits. His son, Greg, lives nearby on property being part of the old Taylor farm. He said Jane George talked someone into taking the bell and pews to the 4-H Grounds, where they now are.

On page 291 of the Roane County Centennial Newspaper, Carol finds a picture of the church, known as the Round Knob Union Church, with probably a couple hundred people standing out front. Located on Round Knob Creek of Poca River, in Walton District. Date of first organization not available, but church started functioning in 1911.

The church was a Union church for four denominations, the Advent Christian, the Baptist, M. P. Church, and M. E. Church. The article tells who the first trustees were, and who the first pastors were.

The Round Knob Cemetery [aka Sinnett Cem] is located in that area and is the resting place for approx. 90 Roane Co. citizens.

Hope this helps to answer you questions about "Mystery Church."

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