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Skidmore Cemetery

Posted by richard on 2014/2/8 14:42:17
I was contacted by a Mr. Goodwin seeking information regarding the Skidmore Cemetery. His wife has relatives buried there, and he would like to get directions. If you can help them, please leave a message here, or contact me through email at

Re: Skidmore Cemetery

Posted by richard on 2014/12/30 10:33:33
Karen Skidmore Hughes provided the following information. Thanks Karen!


The best I can remember:

It’s off Barr Cut road. From 14 behind a house near the intersection of Barr Cut & 14 you can see David Skidmore’s log cabin. The cemetery sets on a hill above this cabin.

Denver Tanner (I think) took me there. Going up Barr Cut it is on the left side. We went thru a farm gate.

There was a large barn & cattle. Denver had to use his cane to chase the cows away. We went over a small hill and the cemetery was on the left. Coming back we got stuck in the mud and the farmer across the way brought his tractor and chain and pulled us out. I can remember something about the McIntosh farm.

This was in 2000-2002 I think.

Hope this helps.

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