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Summerfield history

Posted by richard on 2013/8/31 17:40:30
A Michael Summerfield, wrote in seeking some help with his family history research. If you can help, please post here, or email



Last year we made a family trip to Roane Co with my 91 year old Grandfather, my dad, 2 of my uncles, a great uncle and 2 of my children. We were able to find the gravesites of several of my ancestors;

Joseph M. Summerfield (my 2nd great-grandfather) and his father William are buried in the Ferrell Cemetery, While William's father Absolom was buried in a cemetery in the woods behind a barn near the Looney Cemetery. We also visited the 2 Summerfield Cemeteries.

We are bringing my Grandfather for another trip soon and are hoping to find the old homeplace where my Great-Grandfather Daniel Summerfield lived before moving to Ohio in 1913.

We have done quite a bit of research, but was wondering if there was someone locally that could help us gather any Summerfield related history before our trip. Do you know of anyone we could possibly hire to do some digging? Or could you point us in the right direction of where to go for old maps from around the turn of the century that might show us the precise location of the home?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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